VI International Symposium Ibn Arabi: Presence

From the 20 to the 22 of May, the VI International Symposium Ibn Arabi: Presence will be celebrated in Murcia, under the Festival Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Festival)

It will be organised by Puertas de Castilla Centre, MIAS LATINA, Murcia Tres Culturas and the University of Murcia. Moreover, it will take place in the Chamber of the Faculty of Arts in the Campus of La Merced (University of Murcia).

The term PRESENCE, ‘hadra’ in Arabic, which gives name to the symposium, evoques several fundamental aspects and themes of Ibn Arabi’s thought and, in general, of the different spiritual traditions of the world, whether they have an Abrahamic origin or not. On the one hand, it alludes to the indefinable present, without a beginning or an end, and from there to the conscious and receptive instantly presence, to the presence of the heart (hudûr al-qalb) as a channel of inspired knowledge and fulfilment. On the other hand, this term refers to the five divine Presences (al-hadarât al-ilâhiyya) and to the diverse presences or domains of the manifestation degrees, to the teophanic presences of the Names and qualities of Reality. Moreover, it also makes a reference to the notion of spiritual presences that are subtle in the imaginative perception (for instance, to the interiorised presence of a master who is physically missing) and it is also used to refer to the ritual sessions of remembrance or dikr. By analysing in depth over these and other convergent senses of the presence, we will be able to explore links and analogies among diverse believes’ formulations and different thought paradigms, with the intention of establishing a creative dialogue between different movements, religions and cultures.

The symposium will count on the participation of guests from Brazil, France, Italy, Morocco and Portugal.

The Ibn Arabi 2016 Award Ceremony will take place during the symposium.

There will be free entrance until seating is completed. However, the attendance certificate application is subject to the previous enrolment as a student ( to the value of 20 euros).

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