World premiere of the dance and music show “Longing for breath”

After more than a year investigating the relationship between music and dance, the dancer and choreographer Manuel Badás and the pianist and composer Juan José Ochoa have created the Longing for breath. In this show, both creators break the stereotypes surrounding the relationship between choreographer and composer in order to reach a new non-conventional level. The result of this work can be seen on Saturday 23 April at 8.30pm at the Niemeyer Centre Auditórium.

In Longing for Breath, Badás and Ochoa undertake a personal and poetic search of desires and frustrations ranging from the personal field to the collective one. The show puts both creators on scene on an equal footing: both are musicians, dancers, artists. There is no room for words: the connection between both of them turns Longing for Breath into a deep and universal work where the music composed by Ochoa inspires Badás’ evocative choreography, which gives voice to dreams and passions that are resistant to be named.

The show is a world premiere produced by Inquiquinante Danza in co-production with Niemeyer Centre and Zig Zag Danza. Inquiquinante Danza is a company resident in Espacio Escénico El Huerto and it is supported by Carreño’s City Council.

Manuel Badás is a creator of scenic work, performer and master. He is also founder of the company Inquiquinante Danza. As a dancer, he has worked with the companies Zig Zag Danza (Spain), Etats d’âmes, Vendheta Mathea & Co, Euroculture (France) and Ballet Contemporáneo Laura Vera A.C. (Mexico). As a creator, he develops his own language in Inquiquinante Danza with works such as “Recoge mi alma y bésala”, “Sebastián”, “Pequeñas Muertes”, “Líneas de Fuga” and “Actos No Violentos” in Spain and Mexico. He has also created choreographies for other companies such as Factoría Norte, which has produced several of his pieces, among them “Folías” (awarded with the Oh! Award for Best Show of the year 2011 of the Principality of Asturias). He is also the author of “Por una palabra tuya…”, for Punto Cero Compañía de Danza and “Apatrias Forare”, for the Ballet Contemporáneo Laura Vera A.C. (Mexico). At the moment, he combines his work as a choreographer and pedagogue with his work as a dancer for Danza Raz Dance Projects (Spain).

Juan José Ochoa is a multidisciplinary pianist and composer based in London, graduated from Musikene – Higher School of Music of the Basque Country. He received his Master’s Degree in Piano from Musikeon (Valencia). His work focuses mainly on the relationship between music and other arts. Ochoa combines the development of his own projects with stable partnerships with several dance companies and schools in the United Kingdom, such as the English National Ballet, DV8, The Place or Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures. His latest works are Mediterraneum, a production based on music of the Mediterranean countries, and Evocation, a short film about dance awarded at the Short Waves Film Festival in Poland in 2015.

You can watch a teaser video of Longing for breath on this link.

More information here.



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