LIFE by Hiltoff i Minusmal

LIFE, is a show for children by Hiltoff i Minusmal.

To transcend, to reach the aim targeted by so many alchemists, philosophers and scientists; the great mystery of existence, of how life is created and if this process is reproducible.

This is the aim of Rufus Stranbestein, scientist and alchemist who believes he has reached the solution to the mystery.  A machine that produces an elixir, a being to whom life can be transferred to, and for it to be at the right time and place written in the stars.

Nevertheless, he encounters a botany enthusiast who sees life in a different way.

A social convergence, a perfect society…

Sunday 3rd of April at 12 midday. Free entry. Cívic Guinardó Conference Room.

This show has been organized by the collaboration between Centre Cívic Guinardó and Caravansar Gestión Cultural


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